Book Recreation

Book recreation service is one we provide to clients who are either under audit or looking to have past books. Our bookkeepers can create your books as far back as you’d like. Reach out today to get started with our book recreation services.

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Taking a Look Back in Financial Time

Recreating books can help your business both grow and survive. If you’re already a client or new to our services, this is something we can help out with. Learn more about how our recreation services can get your business what it needs.

Audit Prep

Even if you do everything right, you can still get audited. Fortunately, our bookkeepers have been through the wringer with clients in the past. We’ll get your books squared away and allow you to work with your audit representative.


Wondering just what you did during your most profitable month but don’t have the data? Give American Bookkeeping Services a call. You can compare months, quarters, and years. See how you’ve done financially after making major company changes.

Tax Amendments

Have you discovered something big that you want to put on your taxes from prior years? Reach out to our bookkeepers. We’ll go back in time and have your books amended. We’ll even forward it on to your tax professional for you.

Tax Services

Our bookkeepers are experts and handling many aspects of your financial bookkeeping. On the other hand, if you’re looking for tax services, it’s not something we do directly. We recommend reaching out to our sister company, American Accounting & Tax Services.


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