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Our expert accountants and bookkeepers offer some of the best bookkeeping services for businesses and individuals to help you achieve your financial goals. We love helping people just like you get a hold of their accounting and make the most of their money. Reach out to us today to get started with our bookkeeping services. Thank you for considering us in your search.

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Professional Bookkeepers for Great Financial Record Keeping

Our professional bookkeepers can provide you with the tools you need to achieve your goals. We offer some of the best financial record keeping services to both businesses and individuals. These are designed to help you grow financially and also as a business, person, or family. We enjoy taking the time to make sure all of your transactions are well organized and recorded accurately. With American Bookkeeping Services, you’re able to stay ahead of the curve and prepare for any issues with cash flow. Contact us today and learn more about how we can help.


Your dedicated and experienced bookkeeper will undoubtedly keep your books nice an neat. Bookkeeping is one of the things we do best and we’re excited to have you here.


Leave our accountants to manage your accounting needs so you can focus more on letting your business grow. We’re sure you’ll love your financial statements each month.


Are you looking for a financial statement or perhaps special report? Just ask your bookkeeper! We’ll be happy to get it over to you just as quickly as we can so you can make the decisions you need.


Having all of your transactions and payments in one place can help make a difference in your day to day. This is something we can help with to better keep you organized. Reach our today to get started.

Helping Business Owners

As a business owner, you’re often needed many different places at once. No matter if you’re catching up some bills, taking care of a tough client, or training a new worker. Whether you’re glued to the company or depend on those you’ve taught over the years, your finances still need to be well managed. Keeping up with your books is important because not doing so can lead to trouble. But you’re a busy business owner who maybe does or doesn’t know about credits, debits, and reconciliations. Thankfully, you can count on American Bookkeeping Services to take this on. We’re a group of bookkeepers and accountants who love helping people just like you make sense of their finances. We already know you do best running your business and can help you get back to focusing on just that.

We Make it Easy

If you’re looking for a bookkeeper who is able to make things easy for you while also being thorough, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll not only give you your reports, but also summarize them for you to take out any of the guess work. Whether you’re hoping to expand your business or cut back on your expenses, we’re here to help you reach your goals. Your dedicated team is standing by to help by answering questions and providing reports. We enjoy learning about and helping our clients with their unique company. Learn more about the services we offer, about us, and learn why you should choose American.

Our Professional Bookkeepers

American Bookkeeping Services makes it easy for you to keep up with your financial statements, budgets and payments. Besides taking care of these basics, we’re also available for consult if you have any questions. Our well-trained team has had a lot of practice over the years understanding how to help people and businesses better track their money. With that, you can expect from us organized and well maintained books that will be easy for you to read. We’re certainly glad to have you learning more about our bookkeeping company. While you learn about the services we offer, keep in mind we’re also open to a special blend that allows you to pick each part you would like. Given these points, we’re sure you’ll be happy with our company.

Bookkeeping and Accounting Services

Below you can find additional accounting and bookkeeping services offered at American Bookkeeping Services. We’ve developed a bookkeeping system that’s thorough yet simple. Having something in mind that you don’t see? Just let us know and we’ll see if we’re about to help out with it.


Our bookkeepers use Quickbooks accounting software to categorize expenses. This is the foundation to creating reports, budgets, and forecasts. We learn about your business to better handle each transaction.


Like most business owners, you probably have a box of receipts that taunts you with the idea of someday being sorted. Well, the day has come to put each receipt where it belongs. Our bookkeepers will keep them organized.

Book Cleanup

While we always try to make the best and most informed decisions when handing off our financials, sometimes we get into a situation where someone makes a mess. Let us take care of this and get your books cleaned up for you.

Book Recreation

Whether you’re under audit by the IRS or wanting to review statements from over the years, you can rely on American for book recreation. We can go back as far as you like so that you’re able to handle what you need to.


Going through each transaction line by line each month ensures everything is complete, accurate ant up to date. Our professional accountants perform reconciliations monthly to keep your books neat and tidy.


Receiving your reporting is one of the best parts of having a bookkeeper. We pride ourselves on getting your financial statements to you on time so you’re able to make the important decisions that you need to.

Book Setup

Whether you’re just starting your business or finally hiring a bookkeeper, we’re able to handle setting up your books for you. Having us do this service for you ensures consistency and accuracy throughout time.


Helping clients one-on-one is one of our favorite parts of being accountants. Whenever you have any questions, just reach out to us and we’ll be happy to answer them for you. We love helping our clients learn and grow.


Are you hoping to learn a bit more about accounting or using Quickbooks? We’re here to help! We love sharing our knowledge of the accounting world so others are able to enjoy and understand the numbers as well.


Perhaps you feel you’ve been less profitable these past months, or maybe you want to take a closet look at where your money is going. Our bookkeepers can analyze your financial changes and let you know what we find out.

Checks & Balances

It’s really important for any business to make sure their checks and balances are in place. If you need help with this, just give us a call. We’ll go over your business and what we feel are the best ways for you to protect it.


If you’re the type of business owner who likes to hand off their accounts payable and accounts receivable, we can take this on for you. Our AP/AR service allows you to centralize this aspect with the rest of your bookkeeping.

Virtual or Remote Bookkeeping Services

Virtual bookkeepers allow you to have highly skilled experts who understand the proper way to handle your accounting needs. They offer user friendly services that will allow bookkeeping faster and easier – suitable for business owners who are not too familiar with bookkeeping. It also increases the level of quality, experience, and expertise that is associated with financial accounting and at the same time gain an unbiased point of view.

American Bookkeeping Services will allow business owners to easily expand or cut down on their expenses. Having a reliable team at your beck and call will provide a variety of options that will help in achieving the desired goals. It provides the flexibility that an in-house or part-time bookkeeper can’t.

What is Bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping is how you properly keep track of all of your financial transactions through out the year. Your bookkeeper provides you with financial statements, which allows you to plan for growth or prepare for slow season. Your bookkeeper makes sure everything is neat and tidy so when it’s time for income taxes, you don’t need to stress. When looking at bookkeeping services offered by a firm, you want to make sure you’ll have what you need taken care of.

Business Bookkeeping Packages

We can help your small business or large company stay on a smooth financial track with our bookkeeping services. We can keep the books and basic accounting records in line and help you optimize your business. We work with you to create the best blend of service. Here you’ll find the base bookkeeping packages for businesses that we offer.


$150 Per Month

$225 Startup

Small Businesses

Includes up to:

100 Transactions

3 Accounts


$250 Per Month

$375 Startup

Small to Medium Businesses

Includes up to:

200 Transactions

5 Accounts


$400 Per Month

$600 Startup

Medium to Large Businesses

Includes up to:

400 Transactions

7 Accounts


$750 Per Month

$1125 Startup

Large Businesses

Includes up to:

800 Transactions

10 Accounts

Each Package Includes:

  • Account reconciliation
  • Expense categorization
  • Reporting
  • Basic financial recommendations
  • Reporting forwarded to tax preparer or financial adviser

Each additional transaction above limit is fifty cents.

Backlogged Book Discounts:

  • Catch up through Year-To-Date
  • Year-based comparissons
  • Includes thorough consultations
  • Allows for thorough analysis of history
  • Easily allows for timely tax filings

Discounts are up to 30% off for each month.

Personal Bookkeeping Packages

We also offer personal bookkeeping packages. These get the basics taken care of for you to help you stay on top of your financials. The personal accounting services we offer are great for anyone looking to better plan, budget and optimize their expenses.


$99 Per Month

$149 Startup

Includes up to:

50 Transactions

2 Accounts


$149 Per Month

$199 Startup

Includes up to:

100 Transactions

5 Accounts


$199 Per Month

$249 Startup

Includes up to:

150 Transactions

7 Accounts

Each Package Includes:

  • Account reconciliation
  • Expense categorization
  • Reporting
  • Basic financial recommendations
  • Reporting forwarded to tax preparer or financial adviser

Each additional transaction above limit is fifty cents.

Backlogged Book Discounts:

  • Catch up through Year-To-Date
  • Year-based comparissons
  • Includes thorough consultations
  • Allows for thorough analysis of history
  • Easily allows for timely tax filings

Discounts are up to 30% off for each month.

Bookkeepers who Improve Businesses Bottom Lines

Here, we offer bookkeeping services that can help with any size business. Whether you have a local small business or large corporation, we’re able to work out the best solution for you. Keeping track of your revenues and expenses help you plan for a slow season or expansion. Our bookkeepers have a passion for both money management and helping business owners improve their bottom lines. The bookkeeping practices we use are designed to help the best we can.


It’s important to really understand you and your business. Our teams make sure to maintain contact to stay up to date with changes.

Income Analysis

Turn on different promotions and want to know how it’s improved your overall income? Let us take a look. We’ll let you know how it’s turning out.


We love mapping out your business expenses and helping you recognize changes in your business. It’s the best way to surely make progress.

Finding Balance

Each business thrives when we develop the best expense ratios. Finding the perfect balance for your company will help you achieve your dreams.

We believe in transparency

We want you to fully understand how to come up with our numbers. Just ask, and we’ll show you to the penny what’s spent on things like marketing, employees, or office supplies. Whether it’s vendor reports or percentages, we enjoy diving into the numbers. We love helping you understand where your money is going and what makes you most profitable. Don’t hesitate to reach out whenever you have a question or would just like some financial advice.

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