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Proper management of accounts payable & accounts receivable is critical to business operations. Our bookkeepers are here to help you with this task. We’ll keep up on your vendors and clients while you focus on your business.

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AP & AR, or accounts payable and accounts receivable, is handling money coming in and out of your business. Managing this is a service offered by our accountants at American Bookkeeping Services. Here, you can learn more about these services offered by our bookkeeping firm and how they can work for your business.

Accounts Payable

Your accounts payable are who you owe money to. This includes vendors, contractors, and employees. It also includes banks and credit card companies. Not keeping up with your accounts payable can be detrimental to the flow of your day to day business. That’s why our bookkeepers are here to help.

Accounts Reveivable

The money coming in is just as important as the money going out. Our accounts receivable service allows our bookkeepers to collect on the accounts due. We’ll go through your clients and process their payments to your company. This allows us to keep better track of all numbers and reconcile funds.


As business goes, every once in a while you have to send a client to collections. Past-due accounts can come up, even when we try to be as thorough as possible. We’ll take this off your plate and have the collections processed. Together, we can work to reduce your overdue accounts receivable.

Bad Debts Expense

Bad debts expense is when we write off accounts we assume will be noncollectable. While it’s a part of doing business and some will be unavoidable, we work together to reduce this amount. Contact one of our accountants for consult. We’ll review what we think will be able to help in your scenario.


Of receivables are written off as bad debts, on average

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