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Our dedicated and experienced team is excited to be your bookkeeper. We will accurately handle your books, protect your business, and ensure success!


We’ll manage your accounting needs so you can focus more on letting your business grow. Our team loves financial analysis and determining how to acheive your goals.


Need a proper report? Got a question that needs an answer? Just looking for a summary of a time period? We will satisfy all your needs and will make your finances easier.


If you need assistance with monthly expense management, accounts payable, or vendor analysis, just give us a call. We’re here to help.

The Importance Of Bookkeeping In Your Business

Bookkeeping is crucial to sustain and expand your business as well as avoid cash flow crunches, financial losses, and losing the opportunity for expansion. However, you are a business professional and you need to manage and grow your business. You shouldn’t spend your time worrying about your books and chasing after unpaid invoices. That’s what American Bookkeeping Services can do for you.

American Bookkeeping Services is an accessible, approachable, and easy way for business owners to manage their financial books. We provide a full range of quality, reliable and superior accounting and bookkeeping solutions to individuals, companies and organizations across the country. Hiring American Bookkeeping Services will allow you to focus more on what you do best.

No one wants to spend time bookkeeping, but neglecting it leads to serious repercussions. That’s why online bookkeeping services exist. It’s both very practical and beneficial for companies to opt for virtual bookkeepers. Outsourcing one’s bookkeeping needs will free up more time that can be used to improve the business. Further, most companies can appreciate virtual bookkeepers costing less than hiring full-time employees.

Virtual bookkeepers allow you to have highly skilled and enthusiastic experts who understand the proper way to handle your accounting needs. They offer user friendly services that will allow bookkeeping faster and easier – suitable for business owners who are not too familiar with bookkeeping. It also increases the level of quality, experience, and expertise that is associated with financial accounting.

American Bookkeeping Services will allow business owners to easily expand or cut down on their expenses. Having a reliable team at your beck and call will provide a variety of options that will help in achieving the desired goals. It provides the flexibility that an in-house bookkeeper or accountant can’t.

Business Services Packages


Per Month

$225 startup

For small businesses


Includes up to:


50 Transactions


3 Accounts



Per Month

$375 startup

Small to medium businesses


Includes up to:


100 Transaction


6 Accounts



Per Month

$600 startup

Medium to large businesses


Includes up to:


200 Transaction


9 Accounts



Per Month

$1125 startup

Established businesses


Includes up to:


400 transactions


15 Accounts

Discounts available to catch up backlogged bookkeeping – up to 30% off!
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Expense categorization
  • Monthly/quarterly/semi-annually/annual reporting
  • Basic financial recommendations
  • Monthly correspondence with financial advisor
  • Reporting forwarded to accountant and/or attorney


Each additional transaction is $0.50

Personal Services


Per Month

$149 startup

25 Transactions
3 Accounts



Per Month

$299 startup

75 Transactions
6 Accounts



Per Month

$449 startup

150 Transactions
9 Accounts

Discounts available to catch up backlogged bookkeeping – up to 30% discounts
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Expense categorization
  • Monthly/quarterly/semi-annually/annual reporting
  • Basic financial recommendations
  • Forward reporting to financial advisor

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